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Dr. Kissoff's Home Page

Welcome to my personal webpage where you can get all kinds of information regarding my classes and the CET program.  Use the links below to get to the places that will help you in class or in your academic or professional career. 

Latest CET News and Announcements    

Ohio Contractors Association Constructor for a Day Program

The date for the annual OCA Constructor for a Day program has been set for Thursday, October 13, 2016 from 9:30-6:00.  Student RSVP forms (and resume's if you want to be included in the student resume' book) are due to me by Sept. 30.  See the forms below for RSVPing. 

OCA Constructor for a Day RSVP Form           Liability Form (to take the day of the event)

Kokosing Ottawa Project Site tour & Open House

Kokosing is hosting a very cool event for students and instructors to come to the Ottawa Project site and experience an Open House on October 21st. Due to the type of event, they need you to RSVP according to the information at the link below! Please make sure to RSVP by October 10th!  Lunch will be provided!

Link to Open House Information

2016 Ohio Contractors Association Cost Estimating Champions!!!!

Congratulations go out to the 2016 UT CET Student Cost Estimating team who brought home the school's first ever Ohio Contractors Association Cost Estimating Championship!!!!  Team members pictured (from left to right) are Kyle Adkins, Nick Davis, Ben Edwards, Jacob Frankenstein, Seth Morrison and John Burrow.   The team ended OSU's chance for a three-peat by claiming victory in the statewide competition against the state's other civil and construction engineering programs. 

A big thanks goes out to the industrial advisory team lead by Steve Sieracke (UT CET '06) of Black Swamp Steel which included Sharon Szymanski (UT-CIVE '84) of Miller Brothers, Brad Carpenter (UT CET '06) Black Swamp Steel and Jason Baden (UT CET '01) Gerken Materials for their excellent mentoring and training of this year's team!  Great job all around!!!!

Yahoo Article on High Paying Careers

Thinking about a degree in Architecture?  Here's some information at this LINK


 Graduation:   Application


Courses only offered in certain semesters

The following courses are only offered in Fall terms:  CET-1010, CET-1050, CET-1100, CET-1150, CET-1200, CET-2110, CET-3210, CET-4250

The following course are only offered in Spring terms:  CET-1210, CET-1250, CET-2060, CET-2220, CET-2250, CET-3120, CET-3220, CET-3160, CET-4350

Registrar's Fall 2016 Preliminary Schedule Printout 

Priority Registration Dates

Blank Grid  for use in planning your schedule.

Link to "The Pink Sheet"    UT Pink Sheet Electives

Link to CET Flow Charts:  CET Flowcharts

Link to CET Master Syllabi :  Master Syllabi

Scholarships & Jobs Opportunities

CET Scholarship & Employment Web Page

Need a recommendation Letter?  Read this page first!!


CET-1010 Intro to CET  Fall 2016

CET-1100  Architectural  Graphics

CET-2030 Construction Graphics Fall 2016

CET-2060 Construction Estimating

ENGT-3600 Engineering Economics   Fall 2016

CET-3120 Advanced Const. Materials 

CET-3220 Hydrology & Hydraulics 

CIVE-3520 Transportation 2  

Other Important Links

ODOT Main Page      

 Look here for information regarding the FE exam:   Ohio Board of Registration  

What states allow ET Graduates to become Licensed PE's?  List

Here's an on-line set of FE Practice Exams & Quizzes   Thanks Josh Belknap!!

Look here to determine what courses may transfer form other institutions:

  UT Course Transfer Equivalencies   

Want to declare a business minor?  College of Business Minor Page

Papers that I've Written and Presented

Geopak Instruction        Virtual Project Management for Senior Capstone

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